ACAMS Japan Chapter: Celebrating its First Year

ACAMS Japan Chapter

The ACAMS Japan Chapter, founded in January 2021, is moving successfully to its second year. The Chapter is a voluntary organization run by ACAMS members in Japan, where any local ACAMS member can join by paying an annual membership fee of $25 to participate in a number of events. Here is a look back on Japan’s first year of activities.

January 2021: Japan Chapter Launch Event

The first chapter event had prominent figures as attendees, including Hiroshi Ozaki, director of the Financial Services Agency, who has many years of experience in the banking industry. In addition, ACAMS executive secretary and former secretary of the Financial Action Task Force, Rick McDonell, who has worked with the United Nations was also present.

ACAMS Japan Chapter Launch

June 2021: Webinar—Measures by MSBs and Banks to mitigate the risk of fraud related to cashless payments

The Japan Chapter hosted a webinar focusing on measures to mitigate the risks of fraud in funds transfer services, which is currently one of the most critical issues in the financial services industry. Experienced practitioners from the industry spoke during the webinar and provided members with keen insights both in theory and in practice about this important issue.

June 2021: Webinar—Measures by MSBs and Banks to mitigate the risk of fraud related to cashless payments

November 2021:Virtual Social Networking Event

"We need more time!" "When will the next networking event be held?" These were some of the comments received from participants—solidifying the event’s success.
More than 40-chapter members participated in the online social event, which consisted of a plenary session at the beginning and "in-depth talks" during the breakout session in small Zoom rooms. Participants enjoyed the event, which focused on hot topics such as ongoing customer due diligence and the 24-hour sanctions list rule for expanding networks with peers from both similar and diverse industries.

Social events may be held face-to-face in the future, depending on COVID-19 circumstances. The ACAMS Japan Chapter will continue to support these types of networking activities for the local anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing community.

This year, the chapter board members plan to host an event focusing on financial sanctions and they look forward to seeing many at the event.

Kenjiro Goda, CAMS, communication director, ACAMS Japan Chapter, financial crime risk management, Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory

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