Angela Salter: There is No Substitute for Trust

Angela Salter: There is No Substitute for Trust

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ACAMS Today  interviewed Angela Salter, ACAMS’ head of Europe, about the best parts of her job, obstacles facing the anti-financial crime community in 2019, and exciting developments for ACAMS Europe this year and beyond. Salter joined ACAMS in 2015 to develop the organization’s services for members and the wider anti-financial crime (AFC) community in Europe and the former Commonwealth of Independent States. A senior commercial executive with a strong track record in international market development, Salter has spearheaded the growth of several global businesses, serving the global financial services community in leadership roles with organizations including Thomson Reuters, Hoppenstedt Bonnier, Moody’s and Financial Times.

Highly rated for market insight, innovation and commercial nous founded in integrity, Salter is widely respected as a builder of sustainable, mutually beneficial business relationships for customers and partners.

ACAMS Today: What drew you to a career in the global financial services community?

Angela Salter: I have always been attracted to fast-growing sectors and was fortunate to be involved in the early stage development and internationalization of a number of online news and financial information services.

AT: What is your favorite part about your job?

AS: There is so much to enjoy. I take great pride in our having extended ACAMS’ education into so many European countries, particularly making the CAMS exam available in French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, with Polish just around the corner. It is enormously rewarding to work with our volunteer chapter boards from the moment they first come together, to starting the process of founding a new chapter, to sharing in their pride and success in consistently delivering interesting and valuable events for peers. I cannot thank them enough for their diligence and commitment. And it is of course a privilege to meet so many highly regarded thought leaders at our symposia and conferences.

AT: What obstacles are AFC professionals facing in Europe in 2019 compared to when you first began in this industry?

AS: Technology is certainly more of an important factor, with compliance professionals needing to both understand and stay abreast of rapidly emerging trends in new payment services and to leverage the opportunities and efficiencies afforded by an increasingly sophisticated range of tools and utilities. A future AFC leader will definitely need to demonstrate their fintech, regtech, virtual currencies, blockchain and cyber-enabled crime savviness.

AT: As an experienced leader, what advice do you have for fellow leaders in this field?

AS: Engage often, directly and honestly with customers and colleagues. There is no shortcut to or substitute for trust.

AT: What exciting developments should ACAMS members in your region and beyond be anticipating this year?

AS: We will launch the CAMS exam in Polish this summer as well as new chapters in Switzerland (May) and Iberia (September/October) with Hungary, Italy and Turkey on the horizon.

AT: At the ACAMS 15th Annual AML & Anti-Financial Crime Conference  in Berlin, which topic or session are you looking forward to learning more about?

AS: I am always interested in our workshops and “Managing the AML Risk of Correspondent Banking” is no exception. From the main program, it must be our “Executive Roundtable: Compliance Insights and Advice from Top AFC Leaders” and “Risky Business: Managing High-Risk Clients.”

AT: When you are not in the office, what do you like to do in your spare time?

AS: I love swimming, particularly outdoors, and I am lucky enough to live near a heated 36-meter pool that opens every day of the year. Swimming through the mist on a fine but cold winter’s day is hard to beat. I also enjoy going to the theater and the cinema but I am finding that my and my teenage son’s taste in film has hit something of a fork in the road!

Interviewed by: Karla Monterrosa-Yancey, CAMS, editor-in-chief, ACAMS, Miami, FL, USA,

Stephanie Trejos, editorial assistant, ACAMS, Miami, FL, USA,

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