2011 Article of the Year Award: Yashica Whitehead

Congratulations to the 2011 ACAMS Today Article of the Year Award Honoree:

Yashica Whitehead, CAMS

Project Coordinator II

Capital One Financial

Article: Train Like a Champion

Issue: March-May 2010

2010 Award Recipient

Amy Wotapka, CAMS

AML investigations Manager

Capital One Financial Corporation

Article: Attention to Detail: Identifying a Gap in your Company’s AML Program

Issue: September-November 2009

2009 Award Recipient

Kevin M. Anderson, CAMS

Article: AML Training: One Size Does Not Fit All

Issue: November/December 2008 Vol. 7 No. 6

2008 Award Recipient

Charles Falciglia, CAMS

Article: Suspicious Activity?—Go Straight to the Source

Issue: September/October 2007 Vol. 6 No. 5

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