Australasian Chapter Event in Melbourne

On October 28, 2015, the Australasian Chapter held an event in Melbourne at the offices of PwC. Thirty-eight people attended the event for a panel discussion on super funds, mutual banks and money services businesses (MSBs). Guy Boyd, co-chair of the Australasian Chapter, facilitated a good discussion involving a panel discussion with Dianne Nguyen (MSB sector), Marlene Sadhai (superannuation) and Jason Somerville (mutual banking sector).

The initial focus of the discussion was on:

  • The implementation of the June 2014 changes and meeting the timeframes as the implementation period draws to a close; and
  • De-risking, particularly with reference to MSBs

In addition, the conversation covered other issues and was carried by strong audience participation. After the event, participants networked and agreed that another event should be held in February or March 2016 to discuss the bill amending the anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing legislation.

Contributed by: The Australasian Chapter advisory board

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