Bryan Chapman, CAMS—Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Bryan Chapman has eight years of anti-money laundering (AML) experience, including experience in compliance, fraud and risk mitigation. Currently, Chapman is a detection and investigations manager in the AML operations and financial intelligence unit for PNC Bank. Chapman is a forward-thinking manager of a team of industry-leading investigators responsible for identifying emerging trends, streamlining investigations operations, completing holistic reviews of banking relationships and regulatory filings. Chapman is a subject-matter expert (SME) for cases involving investments, virtual currency, peer-to-peer payments, human trafficking, fraud, trade-based money laundering and COVID-19 scams. This expertise has led Chapman to be a point of contact with several service partners within his own organization, where he is a companywide mentor for the professional development of individuals across different lines of business.

Chapman is currently co-chair for the ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter. In 2017, he had the exciting opportunity to join a diverse group of SMEs in the AML field in founding the Pittsburgh Chapter. Since joining the chapter, Chapman has presented on various AML investigations involving virtual currency and human trafficking. In addition, he was a panelist speaker on a career development panel for university students that dealt with AML, fraud and cybercrime typologies.

Prior to joining PNC, Chapman worked to prevent insurance fraud with Progressive Insurance, then at the Bank of New York Mellon in roles involving risk, compliance and ethics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from California University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in criminal justice and public policy from California University of Pennsylvania. Chapman has been an ACAMS member since 2014 and he received his CAMS certification in 2016.

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