Business Model for a Terrorist Organization

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  1. Outstanding article! As a law enforcement officer who handles financial crimes investigations on a daily basis, this is an area that a majority of government officials and upper management fail to address because they either don’t understand or the cost is to much. Thank you for addressing such an important topic.

  2. Good article and info. I would like to point out that the business model, although useful to understand how a terrorist organization obtains and distribute funds, has a limitation: the purpose of business is to obtain a profit – this is true even in cases such as drug traffic, prostitution or organized crime. However, the purpose of a terrorist organization is not to produce profit – its purpose is to create thru political activity a/o violence a different type of society or political order. The financial activity is a tool its political goal (usually a messianic one). The lack of profit as a primary reason for illegal financial activity must be taken into consideration when reviewing or creating modes of interception to terrorist financial activity.

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