Celebrating Eight Years of CAMS AML Training in Luxembourg

October 2015 cohort of the “Prevention of Money Laundering Level II Seminar” and “CAMS Certification” preparation course in Luxembourg.

On October 19, 2015, ACAMS celebrated the eighth year of its three-way training partnership with key Luxembourg financial training institutions, the Financial Technology Transfer Agency (ATTF) and the Institute for Training in Banking, Luxembourg (IFBL)—now called House of Training. Together, these three organizations have been delivering the "Prevention of Money Laundering Level II Seminar" and "Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) Certification" preparation course. This particular program, which combines Luxembourg domestic market AML/compliance education with preparation for the CAMS examination, has proven highly successful, with over 160 candidates going through the course.

CAMS is regarded as the gold standard for anti-money laundering (AML) certifications and is recognized internationally by financial institutions, governments and regulators. Those who earn CAMS position themselves as industry leaders and earn 42 percent more than non-certified colleagues, according to the 2015 ACAMS AML/CFT/FCP Compensation Survey.

On October 19, ACAMS, together with ATTF and House of Training, hosted the ACAMS Luxembourg Networking event to celebrate this successful program. The event was attended by 130 attendees, including senior representatives from Luxembourg's international AML sector and members of the ACAMS Luxembourg Chapter. In addition, event sponsors, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions and Thomson Reuters, supported the event.

Below is a video showcasing the testimonies of past graduates of the eight-year program. Their testimonies speak to the value of the course and the power of the CAMS certification.

Moreover, ACAMS announced that the globally recognized CAMS program will be translated into French in 2016. This will enable future candidates from Luxembourg, France and other French-speaking regions around the world to complete the world-renowned AML qualification in their own language, with course content and educational materials localized and translated.

Overall, the celebratory networking event was enjoyed by all attendees and ACAMS' "CAMS in French" announcement was well received. Moreover, the event generated media coverage and ACAMS was interviewed by Luxembourg radio station 100.7 FM on AML compliance. To hear the recording, click here.

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