Closing Out the Year But Keeping our Eyes on the Goal

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This year saw many dramatic events that directly affected the compliance industry and will continue to have repercussions going forward. The events of the Arab Spring, the killing of Bin Laden and other key terrorists, and the recent announcement of the draw down of American troops in Iraq are only a handful of incidents that will shape the compliance landscape. The continued focus of our AML community will be how do these actions impact the collective goal of identifying, reporting and preventing the use of illicit funds for a vast array of criminal acts?

One thing that we are sure of is that criminals of all kinds will struggle to find new ways of moving money as long as we keep our eyes on the goal of making it harder for them to succeed.

Returns from the Annual Conference

We were very excited about both the turnout and energy of the participants at our 10th Annual ACAMS Conference in Las Vegas. The commitment to excellence from our conference advisory board was on display throughout the program. For me, meeting so many new AML participants emphasizes that the AML community will continue to coalesce around shared strategies in both the private and public sector.

The ACAMS staff is already in the process of reviewing audience comments and we encourage all members to send us their thoughts and recommendations on how we can continue to improve this industry and this leading event.

A Word about the 17th Annual International AML Conference

As many of you know, ACAMS has always participated in the conference, through sponsored receptions and recommending many speakers and topics. This year, however, ACAMS is a joint partner and our role has substantially increased. I, for one, will be more involved. More importantly, the staff and the conference task force will be working to ensure that ACAMS members with an international focus will participate as speakers and attendees. As a result the value of networking with member peers will be enhanced. The ACAMS advisory board will be on site as well and we will continue our new tradition of holding ACAMS chapter meetings at the conference. If you have any questions or comments about the March 2012 program, feel free to contact me directly.

I am excited about this change and honored to be able to assist in this tremendously successful program.

Continued Chapter Growth—A Recipe for Success

We mentioned in the last edition of ACAMS Today, the tremendous growth of chapters since 2009. The past quarter has seen this movement continue. As of this writing, I have just returned from the launch of the ACAMS Twin Cities Chapter, spent time with members in St. Louis looking to start a chapter and I am heading to South Africa for our first AML conference—an idea emanating from the membership of that country’s chapter. I also met with members from the Richmond Chapter and I am working with our staff as we prepare for the Mexico, Central Florida and Houston Chapters. I am overwhelmed by the commitment of members in creating a local AML community through ACAMS’ Chapters.

I have said it many times that we are a membership organization and our success depends on you. You are coming through in a major way and spreading the theme that together—private and public sector—we will keep our eyes focused on and meet the goal.

Thanks to all,

John J. Byrne, CAMS
executive vice president

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