Congratulations, Jonathan Dupont!

Jonathan Dupont

May’s AFC Professional of the Month  was awarded to Jonathan Dupont for his tremendous work in the anti-financial crime (AFC) field, as well as for his contributions to the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation/abuse.

Dupont has been a financial intelligence analyst at Western Union’s financial intelligence unit, where he conducts a variety of higher-risk and law enforcement investigations. Dupont is known to be a trusted and proactive player unsatisfied with the status quo. His leadership qualities and ability to continuously innovate enabled him to receive multiple awards and recognitions as well as praise from his peers. In addition, his outstanding investigative work has made a significant difference beyond his own organization.

Dupont is also a subject-matter expert on human trafficking and child exploitation/abuse. He regularly publishes articles on these matters, including via ACAMS Today , to raise awareness about those heinous crimes. His research also resulted in a major study on the phenomenon of live online child sexual abuse to guide states in strengthening their legal frameworks and implementing public policies to address this serious threat.

Dupont continuously seeks to surpass himself by learning and acquiring new skills to make a greater difference. He has obtained multiple designations in the fields of AFC and cryptocurrency.

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