Congratulations Muhammad Rizwan Khan, CAMS-FCI!

July’s AML Professional of the Month  was awarded to Muhammad Rizwan Khan, CAMS-FCI. Khan was recognized for his dedication to the anti-financial crime field. His journey toward becoming a professional in the field of anti-financial crime compliance began with a simple but profound idea more than two decades ago: How could he help prevent people’s lives from being impacted by criminal and terror groups?

Khan’s desire to help others while sharing knowledge on how to implement best practices to detect and prevent all financial crimes—and turn small opportunities for learning into big chances for growth—culminated in his current position as chief compliance officer for Al Dahab Exchange. Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Al Dahab Exchange provides remittance, foreign exchange and payment services to customers in UAE.

The native of Lahore, Pakistan truly believes that in order to be a professional who makes a difference in the lives of strangers, in the job and the field, anti-money laundering (AML) officers must work in true partnership with the business lines—not at odds with them. This must occur in a system where profits do not overshadow proper controls and where generators of a firm’s revenue value compliance input and insight.

Khan has vast experience in AML and counter-terrorist financing; he is a compliance professional with a focus on financial crime and independent money laundering reviews for the money services business industry and banks. His expertise also includes independent reviews and investigations, threat/risk assessments, domestic and international training, mentorship, expert testimony and AML program development. Khan has articles published in numerous academic international compliance forums and he is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on the subject. His articles on money laundering are much appreciated by the AML community and compliance professionals.

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