El-Sherif Abd El-Razek, CAMS-Audit, CCO, CICA—Cairo, Egypt

El-Sherif Abd El-Razek currently serves as the chief executive officer of compliance and corporate governance and the general secretariat of the board of directors at the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) Group. In addition, he is a board and audit committee member in several subsidiaries of the Group. Abd El-Razek has over 36 years of banking experience in Egypt and North Africa, specifically in retail, corporate, operation and compliance. Prior to joining NBE Group, he was head of cen­tral operations at the Egyptian American Bank and then he was head of compliance function at the Arab Bank PLC covering Egypt and North Africa. In January 2011, he became head of the compliance officers league at the Federation of Egyptian Banks. He is a certified internal trainer at NBE, the Egyptian Banking Institution and Arab Banking Union.

In June 2016, Abd El-Razek participated in establishing the MENA Financial Crime Compliance Group (MENA FCCG), which aims at engaging with multi-stakeholders to find solutions to promote best anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing practices by acting as a link or feedback channel between the private sector and external global bodies/regulators.

Abd El-Razik received a bachelor’s in accounting from the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University in 1980. He received a high diploma in banking studies from Ain Shams University in 1988. He received his CAMS certification in 2006 and his CAMS-Audit certification in 2015. He became a Certified Compliance Officer (CCO) at the American Academy of Financial Management in January 2007. He became a Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA) at the Institute For Internal Controls in 2008.

Abd El-Razik was awarded Compliance Officer of the Year 2011  and Corporate Governance of the Year 2013  by the Allied Compliance Consultants (ACC) Dubai.

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