Happy 10th to ACAMS

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Happy 10th to ACAMS and congratulations to all the members who have contributed to ACAMS' 10 successful years in the business!

It is no secret that I am a sports fan. I especially enjoy watching gymnastics. Growing up, I anxiously waited for the four year cycle of the Summer Olympics. I have many fond memories of watching gymnasts work and strive for that coveted 10. So, when I see the number 10, I think of perfection. Since then, the Olympics scoring system has changed and gone are the days when gymnasts could hope to reach the perfect 10. Though the scoring system and rules are now different, the desire for perfection remains. Gymnasts continue to fight for the chance to compete in the Olympic Games and demonstrate "perfection."

In our lives perfection is just as difficult to attain. During the past 10 years, the compliance field has drastically changed: rules and regulations have been implemented that have completely altered the anti-money laundering field. But, much like Olympic gymnasts, compliance professionals also strive to reach perfection. Since its founding, ACAMS has always been there to provide you with the required training and networking to help you attain your professional goals. Though the road has sometimes been bumpy, there have been great strides to thwart money laundering and terrorist financing. This success is due to people like you, who are continually striving for perfection in the fight against criminals and their illicit activities.

The number 10 is the running theme in this commemorative issue of ACAMS Today. The lead story Top 10 Cyber Awareness Tips gives AML professionals a thorough list of what can be done to become more effective in mitigating cyber risk on a professional and personal level.

The second lead story A Look-Back: 10 Years of ACAMS is an in-depth interview with five AML experts on how the compliance field has evolved, the effect ACAMS has had in the compliance profession and how the compliance landscape has changed in the past decade.

This year also marks 10 years since that somber day on 9/11. The tragic events that occurred that year changed the lives of many and reshaped the compliance field. The article 9/11…Then and Now, 10 Years Later discusses the steps taken since that day that have made the country safer, and explains the lessons we have learned in the past 10 years in our fight against terrorists and money launderers.

Combating Organized Crime the Old Fashioned Way: An Al Capone Study is a perfect example of how lessons from the past can still be viable in today's complex criminal world. In looking at the Al Capone investigation from the 1920s, the author provides insight on how the techniques used back then can prove useful in today's world.

This issue contains many exciting interviews ranging from the first ACAMS' member to the 11,000th member. Also, be sure to read the Chairman's Top 10 During 10 Years of ACAMS.

Finally, we are proud to announce in this issue the launch of the new ACAMSToday.org website. This web site will be dedicated exclusively to bringing our avid readers online content, a user-friendly web interface and the ability to search past content by topic. Be sure to visit www.ACAMSToday.org to see the latest stories in the compliance field.

As the AML community continues to strive for that perfect 10 in the fight against the criminals of the world, I am positive that the next 10 years will bring continued commitment and success to the cause we are all fighting.

Karla Monterrosa-Yancey, CAMS,

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