Help Bring an End to Human Trafficking!

There are more people in slavery today than ever before. This is why the ACAMS Connecticut Chapter is taking action to end human trafficking. So, what exactly is human trafficking? Human trafficking is the practice of modern day slavery in which victims are forced or coerced into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Labor trafficking encompasses a variety of situations including domestic servitude, sweatshops, peddling rings and local farm operations. Sex trafficking involves any form of sexual exploitation through prostitution, pornography, bride trafficking and the commercial abuse of children.

This year, the ACAMS Connecticut Chapter launched a fundraising page to support the Polaris Project. Polaris Project seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to combating human trafficking. These efforts include direct outreach, extensive client services, training law enforcement, shaping public policy and operating the national human trafficking hotline. Polaris Project is unique because it serves both foreign and domestic victims and takes an abolitionist approach in fighting all forms of human trafficking.

Here is how the fundraising efforts will help victims of human trafficking:

  • $25 supports operation of the national hotline for two hours
  • $50 provides food for a survivor and her children for one week
  • $120 or $10/month purchases basic supplies for a survivor receiving crisis services
  • $240 or $20/month houses, clothes and feeds a survivor for one week
  • $600 or $50/month provides one month of transitional housing for one victim
  • $1,200 or $100/month supports on-the-ground advocacy efforts to improve legislation in one state for six months

Your fundraising efforts will enable Polaris Project to achieve their central goal of creating long-term solutions while directly supporting the children, women and men who desperately need our help.

Join us in supporting Polaris Project and helping establish a world without slavery! To help us meet our goal of $1,500, click here. Here are other ways you can help end human trafficking:

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