Jul ’08 – Aug ’08 Issue

Issue 7.4

Issue: Vol. 7 No. 4

Inside this Edition
  • From the editor
  • CAMS graduates
  • Member spotlight
  • A message from the Executive Director
  • Rainer Hoerning, CAMS: Compliance as a passion
  • Anti-money laundering in the U.S. insurance industry: Guidance needed
  • The intricate web of the Black Market Peso Exchange
  • AML FAQ when dealing with the Middle East
  • New trends in terrorist financing
  • Prepaid cards: Money laundering risks
  • The Kenya conundrum
  • Canada makes progress in fighting money laundering and terrorist financing
  • A compliance program to last the ages
  • Establishing a sound OFAC program — Keeping one step ahead
  • Applying statistics to fight the plague of false alarms
  • Securities broker-dealers adjust to new post-sanction realities
  • The 41st FATF Recommendation: Why banks alone cannot prevent trade-based money laundering
  • Challenges and lessons learned from money transmitters in Mexico
  • Pillars of opportunity
  • Know Your Chapter
  • Just ask Jim
  • Events calendar
  • Web seminars
  • Registration form