John Smith and Chloe Cina on the Sanctions Enforcement Landscape

John Smith and Chloe Cina on the Sanctions Enforcement Landscape

In the latest episode of the “Sanctions Space” podcast, Justine Walker is joined by John Smith, co-head of Morrison Foerster’s National Security practice as well as former director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Chloe Cina, partner at Morrison Foerster. They discuss the evolving sanctions enforcement landscape across both the U.S. and Europe, the extension to 10 years for statute of limitations for sanctions violations in the U.S. and the resulting impact for the industry, and the potential sanctions implications of the upcoming U.S. elections.

Smith1 is a member of the Crisis Management group and Investigations + White Collar group. After serving 11 years as a top official at OFAC and three years as its director, Smith brings to the firm unmatched experience in economic sanctions, enforcement and national security.

Cina2 has unrivalled experience in the European Union and the U.K.’s economic sanctions and export control measures. She has nearly two decades of experience in litigating and advising on complex national security issues, both within government and in-house at two leading global financial institutions.

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