Lisyandri Perez: Delivering Engaging and Interactive Emails

Lisyandri Perez

ACAMS Today  interviewed Lisyandri Perez, senior email marketing specialist, to discuss his ACAMS career evolution and the future of ACAMS emails. Perez has over eight years of web and email development experience and two years of email marketing expertise. In his early career, Perez built websites for different industries, including event venues, restaurants, as well as photography and production studios. Upon joining ACAMS in 2014, he became responsible for maintaining and updating all of ACAMS’ marketing web properties. Since 2018, he has supported ACAMS with email marketing alongside colleagues at ACAMS parent company Adtalem and its Digital Center of Excellence.

ACAMS Today:  How has your role at ACAMS evolved since you first began working for the company?

Lisyandri Perez: Over the years, my role at ACAMS has evolved from web development to email development and further matured to email marketing and strategy. Having a background in web development where the web browser is your canvas, email has presented me with unique challenges due to the limitations of the inbox. Over time, email has had a slower evolution than the web. Nonetheless, I believe that email remains the most powerful tool in customer communications.

Today, my focus is on our global email strategy as well as developing and executing email journeys that deliver timely and relevant messages to our recipients. I also support our regional marketing teams with their emails, sharing best practices and ensuring that they have all the tools and technical support to execute successful campaigns.

AT: What elements are essential to a successful email campaign?

LP: Every successful email campaign starts with well-defined goals and provides valuable content to the reader. The emails should be relevant to the recipient, providing a unique message and addressing their needs.

AT: What is the process for selecting the ideal audience for an email campaign?

LP: At ACAMS, we have a global reach and connect to anti-money laundering and financial crime professionals worldwide. When selecting the audience for any campaign, it is essential to consider several factors to determine if the email message is a good fit. These factors include the contact’s geography, language preference, professional interests and communication preferences.

AT: Which ACAMS projects have you enjoyed working on the most?

LP: I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to support ACAMS with several exciting product launch campaigns. The launch of the Certified Global Sanctions Specialist (CGSS) certification was an important and historic milestone. The positive engagement with our email campaigns early on was a quick indication that our community welcomed our certification in sanctions compliance. I find these types of projects to be exceptionally rewarding.

AT: What can ACAMS email subscribers expect for the future of their inbox?

LP: We strive to deliver more engaging and interactive emails. We know that today more than half of emails are opened on mobile devices, thus we are working toward better mobile optimization. We also understand the need for dark mode support to enhance accessibility, thus we are working to ensure our emails look great in this reading environment as well.

AT: When you are not automating emails, what do you like to do in your spare time?

LP: I enjoy exploring unexplored corners of my hometown, Miami, and its diverse flavors, including craft coffees (or the go-to coffee choice, also known as “cafecitos”), sweet local delicacies and international cuisine. I am also a fan of local art, comedy and jazz shows. Being an enthusiastic travel planner, I enjoy regularly planning short trips to Disney World and the occasional multi-city adventure. 

Interviewed by: Stephanie Trejos, CAMS, associate editor, ACAMS, Miami, FL, USA,

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