Mario E. Aguilar-Nino, CAMS—Brussels, Belgium

Mario E. Aguilar-Nino is a senior compliance officer and the anti-money laundering compliance officer (AMLCO) for Citibank in Belgium. Since 2012, he has also been the deputy AMLCO for the Netherlands branch. Aguilar-Nino covers the institutional clients and the global subsidiaries group, which focus on three lines of business: corporate and investment banking, treasury and trade solutions (TTS), and the securities and funds services. Citibank’s worldwide presence is proving to be an asset as new regional trading blocs emerge. The U.S. firm has a local presence in 98 countries. Aguilar-Nino is one of the country AMLCOs and sanctions officers based in Brussels since 2009. Aguilar-Nino was the AMLCO for Citibank’s Belgian Consumer Business, Cards/Diners-Club before its sale in 2012. In addition to his role, between 2013-2016, Aguilar-Nino assisted the heads of compliance in France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland in the implementation of Citibank’s anti-money laundering (AML) control framework managing Citibank’s AML program from the governance oversight, to know your customer processes, transaction monitoring, sanctions and embargos, local risk assessments, monitoring as well as testing and training.

Prior to his role in Belgium, he was based in the United Kingdom (U.K.) within the audit and risk review (ARR) team for TTS business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as well as Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA). During his time as a compliance/AML subject-matter expert, he was the audit manager responsible for auditing the compliance departments across these countries, by which most of the business issues raised in Russia, Eastern European countries, Pakistan and Africa were the result of the audit reviews of his team’s work. In addition, during his stay in the U.K., he was also part of the regional control testing and advisory team responsible for the implementation of monitoring and testing as well as key compliance processes across EMEA.

He joined Citibank in Colombia right after completing business school at Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Adminstración in 1984. His initial Citi background experience was within the financial control department; he then became the financial control head for the pensions funds and asset management business in Citibank Panama. Aguilar-Nino became a compliance officer in 2002 after 9/11. Aguilar-Nino has worked for Citibank in Colombia, Switzerland, France, Panama, the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (also known as Benelux). He completed a bachelor of business in Colombia, a maitrise d’economie at Paris Dauphine University and an audit master studies at the ESC Lille in France. Aguilar-Nino has also worked for the beverage industry with Coca-Cola and Netra Systems Engineering, a joint venture company in France/Mexico until 2001, before rejoining Citibank’s AAR team in London in 2005. He joined the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) in 2003 and has been a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) since 2004.

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