Recovery Efforts for Puerto Rico

There is nothing more pressing right now for every Puerto Rican than avoiding a humanitarian crisis in the island. It has been a few weeks since Hurricane Maria has passed and there are still areas in the mountainous region of the island without food and water. Only 16 percent of the population has electricity. ACAMS Puerto Rico Chapter Board Member, Marilu Jimenez, has been part of the Center for a New Economy (CNE) since its inception. CNE is the only think tank analyzing options for Puerto Rico's recovery from a decade recession and they know the enormous devastation the island is facing.

CNE has started a donation fund. The following is a message by CNE:

"On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico destroying everything in its path. On the ground, we can see the devastation inflicted upon our island from coast to coast by the most powerful hurricane to strike here in 80 years. Entire neighborhoods are blanketed in murky waters.

The 3.8 million U.S. citizens that live in Puerto Rico are now in dire need of basic things, such as food and water.

Amidst all of this destruction, the people of this island are ready to rebuild. Much support and help is needed now and in the months and possibly years ahead.

In order to do so, we will help the local government secure and use federal disaster aid through advocacy efforts at the federal level to make sure Puerto Rico gets the maximum on federal disaster funds, as would any other jurisdiction in the U.S.

We will foster rebuilding initiatives that incorporate objectives of self-sufficiency for growth and long-term economic development of Puerto Rico with a focus in resiliency

But first, we must provide relief for our people’s most immediate needs—food, water and clothing. And we already started doing that by working with local organizations and delivering humanitarian aid.

This relief effort is and will continue to be funded through the Puerto Rico Recovery Fund. A fund created at the CNE just days after the disaster with a generous donation from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. Since then, other private and community foundations, as well as individuals, have joined giving generously. We are thankful for all of the support received and take the responsibility bestowed upon our shoulders with humility, and very seriously.

CNE has championed the cause of a more productive and stable Puerto Rico for over 20 years, as an independent, non-partisan think tank with a reputable track record. As one of the most credible and influential voices on Puerto Rico’s economy, we are ready to tackle this new challenge. We are here, on the ground, amidst the destruction, and so we know where the need is greatest and where your donations will achieve the most good."

Your support and help are much needed now. Join this effort and give generously. To donate, click here. The recovery fund will focus on three strategic and interrelated areas:

  1. Addressing immediate humanitarian needs
  2. Advocacy efforts in San Juan and Washington, D.C., to ensure maximum federal support and efficient resource coordination
  3. Medium and long-term economic development with a focus on resiliency

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