Sandijs Vectēvs, CAMS—Riga, Latvia

After 15 years in the financial sector, Sandijs Vectēvs returned to law enforcement in the area of financial intelligence. Prior to managing the analytical compartment of the Latvian financial intelligence unit, Vectēvs gained professional experience in various fields.

Vectēvs started his professional career more than 25 years ago in the police department as a detective in a homicide investigation squad. After many years in the police force, he took on a new challenge and decided to test his strength in the private sector in the field of antimoney laundering. The investigation of murders and money laundering is not the same, but the experience Vectēvs gained in murder investigations has served his entire future career. He carried over the following skillset from the public sector to the private sector of maintaining focus during difficult situations, keeping calm during a crisis and the perseverance to carry out his duties, which allows him to make the right decisions in a split second.

In the banking sector, Vectēvs has devoted 15 years to catching criminals and revealing their criminal financial flows. He plans to use this invaluable experience in the field of financial intelligence in the future. Latvia has declared an uncompromising fight on money laundering and Vectēvs has the honor of being part of this important fight for his country.

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