Seizing Assets So That Crime Doesn’t Pay, With Molly Moeser

Molly Moeser

In this episode of “Financial Crime Matters,” Kieran Beer talks with Molly Moeser, acting chief, Money Laundering and Asset Recovery (MLAR) Section of the U.S. Department of the Justice, about MLARS’ efforts to seize illicit assets and, when possible, bring financial restitution to victims of crime.

During their talk, Moeser discusses the seizure of illicit funds associated with kleptocracy and other crimes, including crypto-assets, which require “a whole of government approach” that enlists experts throughout law enforcement.

Moeser also touches upon the importance of MLARS’ relationships with the private sector in identifying and seizing criminal proceeds, both as a source of intelligence and cooperative partner.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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