Alpaslan Cakir—Istanbul, Turkey

Alpaslan Cakir

Alpaslan Çakir’s career in AML has spanned various roles and countries. Çakir is a global anti-money laundering manager and MLRO at Turkish Bank Financial Group which has four banks in Turkey, England and Northern Cyprus and also three subsidiaries in investment, factoring and leasing sectors.

Since 2004, he has been the head of the AML Training Group for The Bank Association of Turkey (Association), which is the representative body of the Turkish Banking Sector in domestic and international areas regarding AML and CFT matters. The group has prepared AML handbooks, guidances, face-to-face mutual trainings and e-learning modules for the use of the Turkish banking sector. In 2012, the Association honored him with the best training group head reward and he received his plaque from the Turkish Finance Minister at the Annual Banking Sector meeting.

Prior to AML management, Çakir worked in the internal audit, loans and operations control departments in the banking sector. He has had several articles about AML and CFT compliance published in the Turkish Bankers Magazine and has been referenced in academic prints.

In 2005, Çakir was selected to join the Electronic Advisory Group (EAG) which was formed under the direction of FATF. The EAG was tasked with the responsibility to develop and finalize the FATF Guidance on The Risk Based Approach to Combatting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which was adapted by FATF in June 2007.

Çakir has joined several private and formal training events both domestic and internationally as a trainer, panelist, expert or delegate in the banking sector. He is an active member of ACAMS and is an avid supporter of ACAMS’ seminars in Turkey.

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