Dave Dekkers—Netherlands

Dave Dekkers

Dave Dekkers has more than 10 years of experience in fighting financial crime in different positions, working for either financial institutions or vendors who deliver solutions to the finance industry. Dekkers’ interest and passion for fighting financial crime started when one of his employers received complaints about why certain monthly figures were not in line with expectations. After conducting numerous investigations, Dekkers worked for a number of financial crime solutions providers in various roles.

Currently, he is self-employed and focuses on delivering services and solutions in assisting the fight against financial crime. His duties include setting up or improving compliance and/or fraud teams, auditing procedures, revamping sanctions, AML & fraud controls and programs at financial institutions. Dekkers also assists in startups where he brings new groundbreaking methodologies/tools to market and helps institutions to proof the value of such. In addition, Dekkers also finds new tools to fight financial crime in a more efficient and effective way and finds this as one of the most exciting and fulfilling activities in which he is engaged.

Dekkers is happy and proud to work in this challenging, exciting and rewarding industry that financial crime fighting has become and to be involved with such a great community.

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