Gregory Dellas, CAMS—Nicosia, Cyprus

Gregory Dellas currently leads the anti-money laundering (AML) risk management team within the International Banking Services Division of the Bank of Cyprus, in Nicosia, and acts as the local compliance officer. His team is responsible for the onboarding of high-risk clients, the evaluation of large and complex transactions, as well as the review and approval of existing high-risk client relationships. In addition, Dellas is responsible for providing advice, guidance and specialized training to management and staff on AML and regulatory compliance matters.

In the past, Dellas worked with Coopers & Lybrand in Nicosia and held various senior and managerial positions in Cyprus Popular Bank and the Bank of Cyprus in wealth management, compliance and other areas. He has experience as a private banker and led the setup of private banking units in the U.K. and Romania. He also served as the group money laundering compliance officer and was responsible for the AML function for Cyprus Popular Bank and all its overseas subsidiaries.

Moreover, Dellas is CAMS certified, holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial economics from the University of Warwick and an MBA from Lancaster University in the U.K. He is also chair of the ACAMS Cyprus Chapter and one of the founding board members. In addition, he is a member of Transparency International (CY) and AMLP forum (U.K.). Dellas has also participated as a delegate and speaker at various international conferences, webinars and is now a CAMS instructor.

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