Mohammad Habibur Rahman, CAMS, CDCS—Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohammad Habibur Rahman is the assistant vice president and head of financial institutions at Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited and a member of the bank’s central compliance unit. Rahman is actively involved in anti-money laundering (AML) compliance events to promote better industrial practice and communication. As a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, he has contributed as a trainer and as a session expert in AML compliance. In addition, he has participated in many international AML compliance events in different jurisdictions including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the U.S., etc.

His career commenced in 2003 when he served as a trade professional. Given his background, Rahman specializes in trade-based money laundering and AML compliance in correspondent banking relationships. He is working with Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh, as a member of the Working Group to help prepare the “Guideline for Prevention of Trade-Based Money Laundering.”

In addition, Rahman has hands-on experience building a system-generated comprehensive AML compliance program that includes a risk-based framework, screening solutions, a transaction monitoring system and record keeping management. In this regard, he is actively involved with different global risk solutions and data analytics providers.

Rahman graduated from the University of Dhaka and received a banking diploma from the Institute of Bankers Bangladesh and Islami Bank Training and Research Academy. In addition, he obtained his Certified Documentary Credit Specialist certification from the London Institute of Banking and Finance (U.K.).


  1. Mr, Habib has vast knowledge on money laundering and financial crime issues. He also helped bankers of other banks to grip and enrich the knowledge base which helps a lot in day to day work. I wish him success in future.

  2. Mr. Mohammad Habibur Rahman is now holding the position of Executive Vice President and Head of International Services Wing in Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. He is a great contributor and trainer in Bangladesh, specially his contribution towards the CAMS and CGSS designations achievers is much appreciated. His prominence has so faster been spreading out among the Bangladeshi compliance professionals that we really feel proud of him. We wish him every success in the coming days.

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