Samah Fadhil Sukkar—Amman, Jordan


Samah Fadhil Sukkar is the head of compliance of Alrowad Exchange and has been with the company for six years. Alrowad Exchange is one of the leading companies to intermediate the selling and purchasing of foreign currencies and transfers in Jordan and Iraq. Sukkar has extensive experience in understanding and dealing with international anti-money laundering laws, day-to-day trading correspondences, financial and technical negotiations, and order processes, money transfers and being the coordinator and organizer between the parties of financial institutions.

In addition, she has development and innovation experience in the compliance field. She has helped put together a group of AML/CTF specialists in the financial sector in Jordan to help in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. She was also instrumental in helping ACAMS partner with Iraqna Business training services and helped obtain approval from the Central Bank of Iraq to hold trainings and to establish an exam center where the CAMS exam would be available for the financial sector in Iraq.

She contributed as an AML advisor at the Federation of Iraqi Private Banks and held training for Iraqi employees of money transfer companies in Iraq Erbil.

Sukkar attended the 18th Annual International Financial Crime conference in Hollywood, Florida and the 2013 MENAFATF conference in Dubai. In addition, she participated in a loan conference held in Baghdad which was sponsored by the Central Bank of Iraq in 2013, a seminar held in IBS about AML/CTF in Jordan and a 2013 national anti-corruption campaign in Iraq with UNDP Iraq.

Sukkar holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Baghdad University.


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