Scott Karem, CAMS—Louisville, KY, USA

Scott Karem began his career in military law enforcement after graduating from the University of Louisville in 1995. After leaving the service, Karem began working in the banking industry with JPMorgan Chase. Karem served in numerous leadership positions and left JPMorgan Global Wealth Management as a project manager overseeing global compliance-related initiatives for the firm, in order to pursue new opportunities within smaller financial institutions.

Karem spent two years working as the chief compliance officer for a financial company based out of Louisville, Kentucky. During that time, he created the company’s compliance manual, instituted anti-bribery policies and started the company’s financial intelligence unit (FIU). Shortly after, the company was acquired by MetaBank, headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Today, Karem is the vice president of operations and the FIU for MetaBank. He manages a division of skilled investigators accountable for anti-money laundering and financial crimes investigations seeking to mitigate risk to the bank and aid state and federal agencies in the apprehension of financial criminals.

Karem previously served on the Kentucky Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and was a firefighter and deputy lieutenant for a local sheriff’s office.

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