Sylvain Perreault, CAMS—Montreal, Canada

Sylvain Perreault, CAMS – Montréal, Canada

Sylvain Perreault is currently the chief compliance officer of Desjardins Group, the largest financial cooperative group in Canada with $200 billion of assets under management. He manages a group of 180 compliance professionals, 35 of them are part of the anti-money laundering (AML) team.

The AML team is currently working on setting up and establishing parameters for a new software tool. In addition, a new online course was launched in 2013 which will benefit close to 20,000 employees working in the branch network. It is a great tool for underlining the importance of identifying and reporting suspicious activities.

Perreault is also currently involved in the September 2013 launch of an ACAMS Montreal Chapter. An initial networking event was held on May 23, 2013. The event was a great success and 118 people attended. With the recent launch of a Vancouver Chapter and the Montreal Chapter soon to launch ACAMS is rapidly expanding in Canada.

Prior to his appointment at Desjardins Group, Perreault also worked in the securities business, initially for the Montreal Exchange where he held several positions including SVP of Markets. He also founded a brokerage house in 2001 and acted as CCO and COO of Desjardins Securities a subsidiary of Desjardins Group.

Perreault also has extensive international experience. He was involved in the 90s launch of a stock exchange and clearing house in West Africa (Abidjan) and a dealers market in Cameroon. He currently serves on the board of the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) and the Special Regulation Committee of the Montréal Exchange, a subsidiary of TMX Group.

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