Summer Events for the New York Chapter

As spring rolls into summer, The New York chapter continues its event activities.

In May, American Express hosted a two hour event on Credit and Pre-Paid Card Monitoring.  A panel of experts from American Express and law enforcement led a discussion on methodologies of monitoring and investigating potentially suspicious activity at institutions that issue credit cards and/or acquire merchants.  They addressed unique challenges in applying these methodologies to new products as consumer spending moves from paper (cash) to plastic (credit cards/prepaid cards) to bits and bytes (digital currencies/platforms). It was a successful event with over 90 participants.

On July 19th, Ernst & Young is hosting a two hour event on AML Testing: Leveraging Compliance Assurance and Independent Testing.  Panelists from American Express and Royal Bank of Scotland will be leading the discussion.

Four additional events, some educational and some social/networking, are in the planning stages.

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