Youth in Need

Youth in Need

Youth in Need, a non-profit child and family services agency, dedicates their time and energy to building positive futures for their community's children, teens and families. Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, Youth in Need celebrates their 40 year anniversary by making improvements to their programs across the St. Louis region. To help celebrate, they began the 40+40 campaign.

Youth In Need is important to the Greater St. Louis ACAMS Chapter because of the personal support and involvement of an officer of the board and the important role the charity plays in the St. Louis area. The board member and her spouse are cabinet members and work on fundraising efforts.

Here are a few of the services and statistics from 2013:

  • Counseling Youth In Need takes proactive steps to help youth by making counselors available, including placement in 10 local school districts. Last year 4,451 youths received counseling. Of the 4,451 youths, 3,602 were in a school-based setting. The counseling staff delivered more than 23,000 hours of individual and group counseling.
  • Head Start and Early Head Start – 3,331 children and family members received educational, developmental and social service support to strengthen families and prepare children for Kindergarten. Prenatal care, parenting education and counseling were provided to 162 pregnant or parenting teens.
  • Street Outreach – The Street Outreach Team provided services to 5,661 homeless and runaway youth.
  • Foster Care – Twenty eight youth have found forever homes through foster care.
  • Emergency Shelter – The emergency youth shelter provided a safe haven for 252 youth. In total, Youth In Need has served 16,203 children, teens and family members in 2013.

Established in 1974, Youth In Need has served hundreds of thousands of children, teens and family members in its 40-year history. Today, that mission continues with more than 350 full- and part-time staff at more than 40 locations in six counties in eastern Missouri.

If you would like to contribute your time to Youth in Need, please click here. To learn more about donations and how you can become a donor, click here.