Dec ’23 – Feb ’24

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Issue: Vol. 23 No. 1


From the Editor

‘Sus’ or Suspicious Minds: One and the Same

Recently, I was laughing with my nephew about his use of slang. He thinks it is funny to teach me the latest slang and I can always get a hearty chuckle out of him by turning around and using one of his newly taught slang terms correctly. I return the favor by teaching him slang from my youth.


Looming Large: Artificial Intelligence’s Promise and Threat

For anti-financial crime (AFC) professionals, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) was one of the biggest themes of 2023, as we explored how to use vast amounts of financial intelligence to identify, interdict and seize the proceeds of crime and ultimately bring criminals to justice.

Inside this Edition

Money Laundering in Soccer

The sports world is highly dynamic, generating a vast amount of economic activity, both legal and illegal. In sports, the higher the profits, the higher the risk of money laundering. Soccer is the biggest sport around the world, especially in terms of business profits.