Contributors’ Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to be considered for publication in ACAMS Today. The award-winning ACAMS Today  is a quarterly publication for career-minded professionals in the anti-money laundering field, counter-terrorist financing and in the prevention of financial crimes. Articles submitted to the ACAMS Today  are a combination of member and non-member contributions.

The ACAMS Today  is dedicated to keeping members up-to-date on benefits, education programs, special events, and the latest legislative, regulatory and international developments. Exclusively for members, it includes a career-guidance, member profiles, chapter updates, CAMS graduate listing and other valuable financial crime-related sections.

Our members include representatives from a wide range of financial institutions, regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and other industry sectors, such as accountants, lawyers, banks, casinos, consultants, credit union, financial services, insurance companies, money services businesses, securities/investment firms and software/technology vendors.

If you are ready to get published, first review the ACAMS Today  contributors’ guidelines and our Style Guide before submitting your article. By following these guidelines, ACAMS can ensure consistency that will result in a timely and informational publication for our readers. Thank you and we look forward to your submission!

Submission Process


  • Contributors may submit an outline, abstract or completed article of a relevant compliance, sanctions, human trafficking, fraud, anti-bribery/corruption, counter-terrorism financing or financial crime topic to be considered for publication (completed articles are preferred) to

Lengths and Deadlines for ACAMS Today  Print Version

  • Articles should be between 900 to 2,000 words (articles that are longer in length may be considered for publication if the topic is timely and relevant or may also be published as a series as deemed appropriate by the editor)
  • Articles are due approximately five weeks before the first month of the issue where the article will be published (e.g., January 15, 2021 is the deadline for article submissions for the March-May 2021 issue)
  • 2021 submission deadlines:
    • ACAMS Today
      • Mar-May 2021 issue, January 15
      • Jun-Aug 2021 (Eight Law Enforcement edition) issue, April 16
      • Sep-Nov 2021 (Annual Conference edition) issue, July 16
      • Dec 2021-Feb 2022 (Award Winners’ edition) issue, October 15
    • ACAMS Today Europe
      • May-Jun 2021 issue, February 5
    • ACAMS Today Español
      • Jul-Aug 2021 issue, April 1

Lengths and Deadlines

  • Articles should be between 500 to 1,200 words (articles that are longer in length may be considered for publication if the topic is timely and relevant)
  • Articles are due the 25 day of each month
  • Contributing Editors
    • If you are interested in becoming a contributing editor, please contact Karla at
    • Deadlines for contributing editors will vary depending on the frequency agreement between contributors and ACAMS


  • Submitted articles should not promote the author’s company or product. Articles should not be used as advertising sales pieces.

Article Preparation

  • Articles should address a relevant topic in the AML/CTF or financial crime field
  • Articles may be co-authored
  • Articles should be arranged with appropriate subheadings
  • Articles should be informative
  • Articles should be written in a business format (e.g., try to refrain from writing in the first person, any opinions expressed should be substantiated with relevant facts)

Submission Format

  • Contributors should email their articles in a word document to the
  • Contributors should also attach a curriculum vitae with their submissions
  • Pictures submitted need to be at least 300 dpi in resolution and in EPS or JPEG format
  • Graphs, charts and diagrams should be legible and concise. If the graph, chart or diagram is created in a different program other than word, files should be sent in their original format
  • If a graph, chart or diagram is copied from another source, the source needs to be cited


  • The act of using or citing someone else’s work without permission or credit/attribution is plagiarism. Whether the information was obtained from a newspaper article, book, government document or an Internet site, the following details must be provided: the author’s name, publication name, date of publication, and if applicable, the name of the government agency/department. This is an added benefit, providing such details allows readers to go directly to the source if they need more information.

Review Process

  • The review process will take two to three weeks upon receipt of topic or article
  • Once the review process is complete, Contributors will be notified if their topic or article has been selected for publication by email
  • Editors will work with contributors to prepare the article for publication
  • Articles will be edited and returned to the author for their final review and approval prior to publication

Author Compensation

ACAMS does not pay contributors. Authors may receive up to five complimentary issues of the ACAMS Today, but must send requests for copies to

Copyright and Reprints

  • ACAMS assumes copyright of each issue of ACAMS Today.
  • Permission of the publisher is required before an article can be copied or reproduced. All inquiries for reprinting must be sent to
  • Purchasing reprints of individual articles can be requested by completing the reprint request form found on or by emailing your request to Advertising Submission Guidelines