Submission Parameters for Chapter Articles

Purpose and Topics

The chapter section of provides a voice for each chapter and a platform where the chapter can share their mission with the ACAMS community. The purpose of chapter articles is to provide a forum where chapters can share upcoming events, provide a synopsis of past events, highlight chapter board or chapter members, provide chapter updates, share relevant financial crimes prevention techniques, training, news and much more.

Lengths and Deadlines for: ACAMS Today, ACAMS Today Europe Digital, ACAMS Today Español Digital

  • Articles to be considered for publishing must be submitted by the set article close date of the corresponding publication. Please refer to our Editorial Calendar, click here.

Lengths and Deadlines for

  • Articles should be between 500 to 1,200 words
  • Articles are due the 25th day of each month
  • Articles will be published by the first business day of the upcoming month

Chapter Article Preparation

  • Articles should address a relevant chapter topics
  • Articles should list appropriate bylines, for example: – Author’s first and last name (or chapter’s name), title (if on the chapter board, the use of the chapter board title is recommended. No title is needed if article is signed by chapter), author’s email (or chapter’s email)
  • If articles are closer to 1,200 words, subheadings are recommended
  • Articles should be informative
  • Articles should be written in a business format – Exceptions could be made depending on the style or message the chapter wishes to share (e.g., if a chapter board would like to send an informal letter to its members)

Submission Format

  • Contributors should email their articles in a word document to
  • Pictures submitted need to be at least 300 dpi in resolution.
    • Captions should be provided for pictures
  • PPTs, graphs, charts and diagrams should be legible and concise. If the graph, chart or diagram is created in a different program other than word, files should be sent in their original format.
  • If a graph, chart or diagram is copied from another source, the source needs to be cited.

Sample Templates of Possible Chapter Article Contributions

Template 1:
Interview with board members.
Example: Carolinas Chapter: Thoughts From Our Board Members

Template 2:
History and future endeavors of the chapter.
Example: ACAMS Malta Chapter: Virtually Building A Community From Zero

Template 3:
An end-year or mid-year review of chapter accomplishments and/or events. This could also include a summary of future events.
Example: ACAMS Germany Chapter: 2021 in Review

Template 4:
A review of an event with key takeaways for the readership.
Example: Greater Phoenix Chapter: Pivot, Evolve, Adapt!

Template 5:
A chapter member-focused article.
Example: Greater St. Louis Chapter: Gateway to the West

Template 6:
Chapter partnerships within the community that align with ACAMS’ and the chapter’s mission.
Example: An HSI Accolade for the Southern California Chapter

Template 7:
Summary of a charitable event or cause supported by the chapter.
Example: Giving Back With Ronald McDonald House Charities