Submission Process for the ACAMS Connection E-Newsletter


Contributors may submit an outline, abstract or completed article of a relevant compliance, sanctions, human trafficking, fraud, anti-bribery/corruption, counter-terrorism financing or financial crime topic to be considered for publication (completed articles are preferred) to

Lengths for the ACAMS Connection E-newsletter

  • Articles should be between 500 to 1,000 words
  • Please see table at the bottom for submission deadlines
  • Reoccurring sections for ACAMS Connection:
    • How-to
    • Compliance
    • Interviews
    • Training
    • Lessons-learned
    • Financial Crimes


Submitted articles should not promote the author’s company or product. Articles should not be used as advertising sales pieces.

Article Preparation

  • Articles should address a relevant topic in the AML/CTF or financial crime field
  • Articles may be co-authored
  • Articles should be informative
  • Articles should be written in a business format (e.g., try to refrain from writing in the first person, any opinions expressed should be substantiated with relevant facts)

Submission Format

  • Contributors should email their articles in a word document to the
  • Pictures submitted need to be at least 300 dpi in resolution
  • Graphs, charts and diagrams should be legible and concise. If the graph, chart or diagram is created in a different program other than word, files should be sent in their original format
  • If a graph, chart or diagram is copied from another source, the source needs to be cited


The act of using or citing someone else’s work without permission or credit/attribution is plagiarism. Whether the information was obtained from a newspaper article, book, government document or an Internet site, the following details must be provided: the author’s name, publication name, date of publication, and if applicable, the name of the government agency/department. This is an added benefit, providing such details allows readers to go directly to the source if they need more information.

Connection Advertisement Specifications

Ad size: width 1150 x height 205 (GIF or JPG)/25K max Contact Andrea Winter for further details on advertising pricing at or +1.786.871.3030

Review Process

  • The review process will take two to three days upon receipt of article
  • Once the review process is complete, contributors will be notified immediately if their article has been selected for publication and for which e-newsletter date by email
  • Editors will work with contributors to prepare the article for publication in the e-newsletter
  • Articles will be edited and returned to the author for their final review and approval prior to publication in the e-newsletter

Author Compensation

The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists does not pay contributors. Authors will receive a copy of the ACAMS Connection e-newsletter. If you do not receive the e-newsletter with your published article, please send an email to

Copyright and Reprints

  • The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists assumes copyright of each ACAMS Connection e-newsletter.
  • Permission of the publisher is required before an article can be copied or reproduced. All inquiries for reprinting must be sent to

ACAMS Connection 2024 Publication and Deadlines:

Connection E-newsletter Publication Articles and Ads are Due
3-Apr-24 28-Mar-24
17-Apr-24 11-Apr-24
1-May-24 25-Apr-24
15-May-24 9-May-24
29-May-24 23-May-24
12-Jun-24 6-Jun-24
26-Jun-24 20-Jun-24
10-Jul-24 5-Jul-24
24-Jul-24 18-Jul-24
7-Aug-24 1-Aug-24
21-Aug-24 15-Aug-24
4-Sep-24 29-Aug-24
18-Sep-24 12-Sep-24
2-Oct-24 26-Sep-24
16-Oct-24 10-Oct-24
30-Oct-24 24-Oct-24
13-Nov-24 7-Nov-24
27-Nov-24 21-Nov-24
11-Dec-24 5-Dec-24

*ACAMS Connection will not be published for two weeks due to holidays.