Editorial Calendar

2020-2021 ACAMS Today  Editorial Calendar*

December 2019-February 2020

Ad close date: 10/18
Article close date: 10/11

  • Bribery and Corruption—Global Risks
  • Financial Crime Challenges Facing Europe in 2020
  • 2019—Year in Review
  • Emerging Financial Crime Threats for 2020
  • Review of Asia’s Financial Crime Prevention Efforts
  • AML Success Stories in 2018
  • Best Practices/Best Advice From ACAMS Members
  • Update on Asia’s Cryptocurrency Efforts
  • Integrating AML Programs in Small Businesses
  • Human Trafficking in the Digital Age: How to prepare the next generation?
  • Regional Focus: MENA
  • ACAMS Award Winners’ Interviews
  • Following the Illicit Funds Derived from Synthetic Drugs

March-May 2020

Ad close date: 1/17
Article close date: 1/10
Bonus Distribution: ACAMS moneylaundering.com 25th Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference-Hollywood, Florida; ACAMS 12th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference- Asia Pacific; ACAMS 17th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference—Europe; 7° Conferencia Anual de las Americas sobre Gestión de Riesgo ALD

  • Risks and Similarities of Banking Hemp versus Marijuana
  • Sanctions Compliance for Health and Travel Insurance
  • Digital Smurfs
  • Professional Money Launderers
  • Labor Trafficking in the Fishing Industry
  • Reinventing Internal Audit
  • Adding More Value to AML Programs
  • Using Digital Identity to Your FI’s Advantage
  • One Year Later: College Admissions Bribery Scandal
  • Digital-First Banking
  • Fintech Solutions for Banking the Underbanked
  • Crowdfunding Platform Scams

May-June 2020 ACAMS Today Europe

Ad close date: 2/14
Article close date: 2/7
Bonus Distribution: ACAMS 16th Annual AML and Anti-Financial Crime Conference – Europe

  • Artificial intelligence or machine learning in European financial institutions
  • Case study on European money laundering scandals
  • European Chapters updates
  • GDPR privacy laws: Privacy versus security
  • Regulatory update
  • Sanctions and European free trade zones
  • Social media and terrorist financing
  • Do existing UK laws adequately address cryptocurrency theft?
  • Wildlife trafficking

June-August 2020 (Tenth Law Enforcement Edition)

Ad close date: 4/17
Article close date: 4/10
Bonus Distribution: 14a Conferencia Anual Latinoamericana sobre ALD y Delitos Financieros

  • Best of the AT Law Enforcement Edition
  • Celebrating 10 Years of Great Partnerships
  • How to Neutralize the Opioid Epidemic
  • Banking NPOs, Charities and Sanctions Issues
  • Investigation Exclusive: Lessons Learned From a Current LE Case
  • Insights Into New York’s Cryptocurrency Task Force
  • Law Enforcement on SARs
  • Optimizing New Tools to Combat TBML
  • Sharing Financial Intelligence to Reduce Organized Crime
  • How to Address Bitcoin ATMs
  • The Effects of Technology on Investigations
  • What You Need to Know About Know Your Data
  • Achieving Positive Outcomes From Consent Order Recovery

julio – agosto 2020 ACAMS Today Español

Fecha de entrega para anuncios (Ad close date): abril (April) 17
Fecha de entrega para artículos (Article close date): abril (April) 24

  • Medidas para prevenir el lavado de dinero en la banca
  • La eliminación de efectivo para suprimir el lavado de activos en América Latina
  • Flujos financieros ilícitos derivados del comercio internacional
  • Alianza blockchain está cambiando Iberoamérica
  • Lavado de dinero a través de cajeros ATM de Bitcoins
  • Extracción ilegal de oro y su vínculo con el lavado de dinero
  • Los retos de América Latina a la hora de implementar normativas ALD
  • El panorama de las redes financieras de Hezbollah en América Latina
  • Tecnología blockchain: Su integración en diferentes sectores
  • La bancarización de la marihuana en América Latina
  • El robo de la identidad personal
  • Evaluación de riesgos: Cumplimiento y las expectativas regulatorias
  • Desarrollos y ejecuciones regulatorias en Panamá, después de los Papeles de Panamá

September-November 2020 (Annual Conference Edition)

Ad close date: 7/17
Article close date: 7/10
Bonus Distribution: ACAMS 19th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Cyberlaundering via Uber, Airbnb and Amazon
  • Fraud in the Birth Tourism Industry
  • Tomb Raiders in China
  • Keeping Up With Gaming Industry Challenges
  • New Drug Trafficking Typologies
  • Person-to-Person Payments: Venmo, Square, Zell and PayPal
  • Getting Fintech Oversight Right
  • Cybercrime Case Studies
  • Remote Gaming Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing Risks
  • Fraud and Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • How to Help Human Trafficking Survivors
  • Money Laundering Life Insurance

December 2020-February 2021

Ad close date: 10/16
Article close date: 10/9

  • Airlines and Anti-Fraud Data
  • Cybercrime Sanctions Regimes
  • 2020—Year in Review
  • Emerging Financial Crime Threats for 2021
  • Bolstering Your AML Case Management Systems
  • Regtech and its Effects on Compliance
  • Balancing Financial Inclusion and Risk Management
  • Cryptocurrency: Where are we now?
  • Blockchain Usage and Opportunities for Financial Crime Prevention
  • 2020 ACAMS Award Winners’ Interviews

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