Editorial Calendar

2021-2022 ACAMS Today  Editorial Calendar*

December 2020-February 2021

Ad close date: 10/16
Article close date: 10/9

  • Airlines and Anti-Fraud Data
  • Cybercrime Sanctions Regimes
  • 2020—Year in Review
  • Emerging Financial Crime Threats for 2021
  • Bolstering Your AML Case Management Systems
  • Regtech and its Effects on Compliance
  • Balancing Financial Inclusion and Risk Management
  • Cryptocurrency: Where Are We Now?
  • Blockchain Usage and Opportunities for Financial Crime Prevention
  • 2020 ACAMS Award Winners’ Interviews

March-May 2021

Ad close date: 1/22
Article close date: 1/15

  • Guidance for Financial Institutions on Coping with Ransomware Attacks
  • COVID-Relief Fraud
  • Adapting to the Post COVID-19 Digital Age
  • Addressing Predicate Crimes to Money Laundering
  • AI for Enhanced Due Diligence
  • FinCEN Files and the Problem with SARs
  • Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Implications for Financial Institutions and Regulators
  • Misconceptions and Fallacies in Money Laundering
  • Modern Slavery in the Fishing Industry
  • Implementing Better Security for P2P Payments

May-June 2021 ACAMS Today Europe

Ad close date: 2/12
Article close date: 2/5

  • OFAC Penalties on European FIs for Failure to Comply with US Sanctions
  • Cyprus’ Efforts to Combat Trafficking and Implement the Lichtenstein Initiative
  • Lessons Learned from the Coronavirus Scams in Europe
  • The Fifth-Round Mutual Evaluation Report on Latvia
  • The EU Criminal Law Directive
  • Money Laundering and Investment Funds
  • The Due Diligence Process for International Clients: The Relationship Between Europe and Africa
  • Human Egg Trafficking
  • The Philosophy Behind Cryptocurrencies: Finding the Right Balance
  • Golden Passport Schemes in Europe
  • The FinCEN Files
  • The Fight Against Terrorism in France

June-August 2021 (11th Law Enforcement Edition)

Ad close date: 4/23
Article close date: 4/16

  • Human Trafficking During COVID-19
  • Law Enforcement Requests Post-SAR
  • FinCEN Files From the Law Enforcement Perspective
  • The Relationship Between Financial Institutions and Bitcoin ATMs
  • SAR Case Studies
  • Following the Fentanyl Money Trail
  • Investigation Exclusive: Lessons Learned From a Current LE Case
  • Strengthening Trade-Related Financial Crime Oversight
  • Cross-Border Payments Fraud
  • Keeping Up With FATF Updates to Counter Proliferation Financing

julio – agosto 2021 ACAMS Today Español

Fecha de entrega para anuncios (Ad close date): abril (April) 8
Fecha de entrega para artículos (Article close date): abril (April) 1

  • FinCEN Files: Reportes Bancarios Exponen el Lavado Mundial de Billones de Dólares
  • Trata de Personas: Cambios Influidos por el COVID-19
  • Asociaciones Público-Privadas en Latinoamérica y el Caribe
  • Minería Ilegal en América Latina: Parte 2
  • Fraude Gubernamental a Raíz del COVID-19
  • El Lavado de Activos Para la Evasión de Impuestos
  • La Bancarización Para la Industria del Cannabis
  • Comercio Ilegal de la Fauna Silvestre
  • Blanqueo de Capitales Dentro del Comercio en Latinoamérica

September-November 2021 (Annual Conference Edition)

Ad close date: 7/23
Article close date: 7/16

  • Keeping Sanctions-Related Risk Assessments Effective and Current
  • The Right Data for KYC Success
  • Building Better Risk Models for AFC’s New Realities
  • Trade-Based Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  • Mitigating Anti-Bribery and Corruption Risks
  • How and When to Dispute an Audit
  • Navigating the Everchanging OFAC Environment
  • How Banks Can Address International Kleptocracies
  • Cryptocurrency and the Video Game Industry
  • Detecting and Regulating Cyber Laundering

December 2021-February 2022

Ad close date: 10/22
Article close date: 10/15

  • 2021 ACAMS Award Winners’ Interviews
  • 2021—Year in Review
  • Emerging Financial Crime Threats for 2022
  • Best Practices for Independent IT Audits
  • Maintaining Correspondent Banking Relationships
  • Illegal Wildlife Trade: Where Are We Now?
  • The Latest in Cybercrime Typologies
  • Getting Fintech Oversight Right
  • Case Studies of Professional Money Launderers
  • New Drug Trafficking Typologies

*Editorial calendar subject to change without notice.

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