Editorial Calendar 2024-2025



June-August 2024 (Partnership Edition)

Ad close date: (4/19)
Article close date: (4/12)
  • The Impact of Inflation on the AFC Landscape
  • The Importance of Public-Public Partnerships and Private-Private Partnerships
  • Fostering Successful Collaborations Between LE and FIs During Investigations
  • New Advances in AI for AML/AFC
  • How ChatGPT and Cloud-based Services Can Threaten AML Compliance
  • Regulatory Updates for Fintechs
  • Sanctions: Are They Having Their Intended Effect?
  • The Current State of Terrorism and Terrorist Financing
  • Eliminating Silos: FI AML and Fraud Departments Joining Forces to Combat Crime
  • Trending Financial Crime Typologies in the Metaverse
  • Public-Private Alliances for the Detection and Mitigation of Human Trafficking
  • Digitization of Identity Verification: Its Impact on Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence

September-November 2024 (Annual Assembly Edition)

Print and digital
Ad close date: (7/19)
Article close date: (7/12)
  • The Effective Use of AI for SARs
  • The Latest Developments in Online Frauds and Scams
  • Sanctions Against Russia: The Situation So Far
  • Sustaining Successful AML/AFC Programs Under Reduced Budgets
  • An Update on Money Laundering Risks Involving MSBs
  • Mitigating Financial Crime in CashApps
  • Navigating Financial Crimes Involving NFTs and Web3
  • How AML Quality Assurance Has Advanced Over the Years
  • An Overview of the Challenges Facing Casinos
  • The Challenges of Banking Crypto Companies
  • The Misuse of Global Entities for Illicit Purposes

December 2024-February 2025

Ad close date: (10/18)
Article close date: (10/11)
  • The Year in Review: 2024
  • Emerging AML/AFC Trends for 2025
  • An Update on Ransomware Activity in 2024
  • Digital Asset/Cryptocurrency Outlook for 2025
  • Potential Implications of Tokenization in ML/TF
  • How Minor Facts from SARs Have Resulted in AFC Case Breakthroughs
  • Cannabis Banking: What Happened in 2024?
  • Technology to Combat Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation
  • Using Technology to Deter Fraud
  • Enforcement Actions to Mitigate Elder Abuse
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ACAMS Today Europe Digital

Articles are due the first Friday of every month.

April-June 2024

  • The effects of Brexit on anti-money laundering policies
  • Environmental crimes
  • UNODC’S changing regulation and legislation on children’s use of social media

July-September 2024

  • The nephew scam in Germany, an elder abuse-related topic
  • What human rights officers can learn from money laundering reporting officers

October-December 2024

  • Fraud Typologies in Relation to Crypto
  • The cryptocurrency nexus: Why crypto firms are starting to look more like banks
  • Regtech: The challenge of cross-border financial crime
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ACAMS Today Español Digital

La fecha de entrega es el primer viernes de cada mes.

Abril-Junio 2024

  • Explotación laboral infantil
  • Latinoamérica y el levantamiento de sanciones contra Cuba
  • Ciberataques en Latinoamérica, monedas digitales

Julio-Septiembre 2024

  • Estafas por WhatsApp y demás
  • La banca corresponsal americana
  • Panamá salió de la lista gris de GAFI

Octubre-Diciembre 2024

  • Delitos ambientales y el secreto financiero en EE.UU.
  • Crimen organizado y el sicariato
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