Editorial Calendar

2022-2023 ACAMS Today  Editorial Calendar*

December 2021-February 2022

Ad close date: 10/22
Article close date: 10/15

  • 2021 ACAMS Award Winners’ Interviews
  • 2021—Year in Review
  • Emerging Financial Crime Threats for 2022
  • Best Practices for Independent IT Audits
  • Maintaining Correspondent Banking Relationships
  • Illegal Wildlife Trade: Where Are We Now?
  • The Latest in Cybercrime Typologies
  • Getting Fintech Oversight Right
  • Case Studies of Professional Money Launderers

March-May 2022

Ad close date: 1/21
Article close date: 1/14

  • Twenty Years of ACAMS and ACAMS TODAY Celebrations
  • Risks of Mobile Banking Adoption
  • AML/KYC Framework Within Blockchain Technology
  • The Rise of Crowdfunding Fraud
  • How to Navigate Bank/Fintech Partnerships
  • Rise of Labor Trafficking Due to COVID-19
  • Money Laundering via U.S. Real Estate
  • DeFi for Financial Institutions: Understanding the Opportunities and Risks
  • Global Financial Crime Review: Fintech Boom in Latin America
  • Update on Sanctions, Afghanistan and the Taliban
  • AFC Lessons Learned From the Pandemic
  • New Drug Trafficking Typologies

ACAMS Today Europe 2022

Ad close date: 2/11
Article close date: 2/4

  • France: The Risks of Outsourcing Anti-Money Laundering Tasks
  • Illicit Cash Investments and Insurance Policies in Italy
  • The Effects of Illicit Tobacco Sales and the Role of Law Enforcement
  • Regulatory Updates and Their Implications in Europe
  • How Social Media Is Boosting the Illegal Antiquities Trade in Southeast Europe
  • UK’s Strategy on Regulating New Forms of Digital Money
  • The New Era of Impersonation Scams
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Do’s and Don’ts

ACAMS Today Español 2022

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  • Corrupción: Analizando el caso del expresidente mexicano
  • Evadiendo sanciones con las criptomonedas en Cuba y Venezuela
  • Los beneficiarios finales y la Ley Anticorrupción de Colombia
  • Lecciones aprendidas del caso Odebrecht
  • El Salvador: ¿Cómo está funcionandoel bitcoin como moneda de curso legal?
  • Los carteles de droga y la facturación comercial falsa en México y Colombia
  • El aumento de los ‘neobancos’ y la tecnología en América Latina
  • Como los bancos digitales llamados «neobancos» están creciendo rápidamente en América Latina
  • Mitigando las prácticasde corrupción en República Dominicana
  • Utilización del mercado volátil

June-August 2022 (12th Law Enforcement Edition)

Ad close date: 4/22
Article close date: 4/15

  • SAR Foundations for Law Enforcement
  • Following the Fentanyl Money Trail
  • Data Protection in Law Enforcement
  • Public-Private Partnerships for the Digital Age
  • Impacts of the AMLA on Law Enforcement
  • Financial Crime Threats From Stable coins
  • Global Financial Crime Review: The U.K.’s Impact on Global Illicit Finance
  • Trends in Terrorism-Related SARs
  • The Nexus Between Organized Crime, Corruption and Environmental Crime
  • Case Studies on Increased Criminal Activity at the U.S. Border

September-November 2022 (Annual Conference Edition)

Ad close date: 7/22
Article close date: 7/15

  • Sanctions-Related Risks of Transacting in Cryptocurrencies
  • The AFC Challenges of Open Banking
  • Comparing Central Bank Digital Currencies Worldwide
  • Global Financial Crime Review: Wildlife Trafficking By Air in Latin America
  • Incorporating FinCEN’s AML/CTF National Priorities: One Year Later
  • Global Financial Crime Review: Impact of the EU’s New AML Framework
  • How to Use Analytics to Mitigate Cyber Risks
  • Video Games and Digital Fraud
  • The Evolution of Data in the Financial Services Industry
  • Benefits and Challenges of Implementing Embedded Fintech for FIs
  • Implementing AML for Alternative Payment Systems

December 2022-February 2023

Ad close date: 10/21
Article close date: 10/14

  • 2022—Year in Review
  • Emerging Financial Crime Threats for 2023
  • 2022 ACAMS Award Winners’ Interviews
  • How Sports Club Finances Can Be Used for Money Laundering
  • Global Financial Crime Review: The Fight Against Illegal Fishing in APAC
  • How Banks Are Addressing New Generations’ Banking Habits
  • Balancing Financial Inclusion and Risk Management
  • Best Practices for Evaluating MSBs’ AML Effectiveness
  • Impact of FinCEN’s Beneficial Ownership Registry

*Editorial calendar subject to change without notice.

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