Nov ’08 – Dec ’08 Issue

Issue 7.6

Issue: Vol. 7 No. 6

Inside this Edition
  • From the editor
  • CAMS graduates
  • Member spotlight
  • A message from the Executive Director
  • Anne-Chris Visser, CAMS: Maintaining an open dialogue
  • Social money laundering
  • Money laundering and intellectual property crime: Different offenses with similar effects
  • What you need to know about human trafficking in East Asia and the Pacific
  • Mortgage fraud: Need or greed?
  • Who made more in 2008? – Survey says…
  • Information sharing: Light from the black hole
  • Organized crime in a borderless Europe – The case of Romania
  • SARs: A template for success
  • Maximizing your BSA/AML application implementation
  • The Rs of combating money laundering
  • AML training: One size does not fit all
  • An attendee’s perspective
  • Know your chapter
  • In your words
  • Events calendar
  • Web seminars
  • Registration form