Building a Platform for Talent: Developing Professional Capabilities

Building a platform for talent: Developing Professional Capabilities

The ACAMS Macau Chapter has had a lot of accomplishments over the past six years since its inception. More than 700 members have joined the ACAMS Macau Chapter from local banks, insurance companies, large gaming operators, resorts and hotels, the legal profession, consulting companies, institutions for higher education and more, across all industries. More than 95% of the members have obtained their CAMS designation, which covers more than 90% of the anti-money laundering (AML) professionals in Macau. This indicates that the ACAMS Macau Chapter has successfully developed as a widely recognized local platform for AML professionals to further expand on their anti-financial crime (AFC) knowledge and capabilities.

The ACAMS Macau Chapter Elected Board Members for the Next Three Years

The 2023 general meeting of the ACAMS Macau Chapter was held on April 12, and the new leadership team was elected. Ann Leong was reelected as the chair of the ACAMS Macau Chapter board. Christy Lei was elected as a board member, joining Simon Lee and Andy Cheung, who were both reelected.

The newly elected board has a vision to bring a new look and mindset to the ACAMS Macau Chapter for upcoming challenges and opportunities. There are three major missions to further develop the chapter. First, the ACAMS Macau Chapter aims to strengthen research capabilities and achievements. In the coming three-year term, the ACAMS Macau Chapter will continue its existing educational activities, such as “Promoting Anti-Money Laundering in High Schools” and “Broadcasting Anti-Money Laundering to Colleges and Universities,”1 and more. Second, the chapter wants to enhance cooperation with other professional institutions to cultivate professionalism and promote AML knowledge and skills to the general public. In order to raise public awareness on AML, the chapter is considering joining forces with domestic social organizations by sharing materials on AML-related crime cases to their members. Last, the chapter wants to foster communication with government agencies and the media to gain recognition within society.

The ACAMS Macau Chapter board looks forward to continuing to work with members and ACAMS to uphold the above missions and disseminate AML knowledge and expertise. The ACAMS Macau Chapter board is continuing to support the AML profession and support the work of the AML community.

The ACAMS Macau Chapter aims to further develop the professionalism of its chapter members, enhance their expertise and broaden their AFC horizons. In addition, the chapter is focused on making greater contributions to advance the professional image of Macau’s AML practitioners.

ACAMS Macau Chapter Board

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