Chicago Chapter: ‘Partnership is the Cornerstone of Our Success’

Chicago Chapter Event

This year, the Chicago Chapter is taking on a yearlong theme to make a strong and visible partnership with Homeland Security Investigations/ICE's Cornerstone program. Cornerstone is HSI's comprehensive enforcement initiative focusing on financial institutions. Cornerstone seeks to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities within the U.S. financial, trade and transportation sectors that could be exploited by terrorist and other criminal organizations seeking to finance their illicit operations and avoid detection by law enforcement, including human smuggling and trafficking.

To kick the theme off, the Chicago Chapter had ICE special agents speak at their chapter events on April 15 and May 19. To further complement their efforts, they also obtained clearance from HSI to have a link to the Cornerstone program on their chapter website.

To become a private sector partner with ICE HSI, contact your local ICE HSI Special Agent in Charge office and arrange a Cornerstone presentation for your business or organization. To report any suspicious financial, commercial or trade activity, contact your local ICE HSI Special Agent in Charge office, or call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE. If you would like to receive updates on new developments in financial and trade fraud crimes, sign up for ICE HSI's quarterly newsletter, The Cornerstone Report.

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