ACAMS Global AFC Threats Report 2024


Combat evolving financial crime threats with ACAMS. Our Global AFC Threats Report, informed by insights from 180+ jurisdictions, forecasts the top risks you need to be aware of in the coming year. Access the full report to understand the financial crime landscape – including top threats for organizations in 2024.

Understand the financial crime landscape – including the top threats for organizations in 2024.

As the financial crime landscape evolves, so do threats to our global economy. Our joint fight against illicit finance, as an anti-financial crime (AFC) community, is more critical than ever.

ACAMS is proud to present our Global AFC Threats Report for 2024. With insights gathered from AFC professionals across 180+ jurisdictions, this report forecasts the top ten threats that will be of significant concern in the upcoming year. Leveraging data from a comprehensive global effort, including surveys, conferences, webinars, and in-person roundtables in key financial hubs, our goal is to inform and convene the AFC community in 2024.

We hope this report will help shape your approach in the ongoing battle against criminal abuses of the financial system. Join us in combatting financial crime, strengthening public-private partnerships, and making significant progress together.

Explore the key takeaways from the 2024 Global AFC Threats Report for insight into emerging risks.

1. Global Concerns on Cyber Threats and AI: Executive leadership respondents globally identified cyber threats and generative artificial intelligence (AI) as the most consequential external threats. This underscores the increasing recognition of the impact of technological advancements on financial crime.

2. Internal Challenges and Resource Allocation: Internal challenges, like talent retention and outdated IT systems, pose significant risks to effective financial crime operations. The focus on resource allocation is notably high in areas like scams, fraud, sanctions evasion, and cyber-enabled crime, with sanctions evasion being a particularly “high-focus” area.

3. Geographical Variances in Risk Perception: The report highlights variations in risk perception based on geography. For instance, concerns about transnational criminal smuggling differ across regions, with the Americas and Oceania viewing it as a higher risk compared to other regions.

4. Sector-Specific Understanding of Financial Crime Risks: Cryptoasset and blockchain technology are considered the least understood areas globally, emphasizing the need for enhanced learning and awareness. Meanwhile, mobile and internet-based payments are perceived as much better understood, indicating varying levels of awareness across different sectors.

5. Divergent Perspectives on Addressing Emerging Challenges: There is a noticeable divergence in perspectives among industry professionals. While mid-to-junior compliance staff emphasize the need for further know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) utility development, legal, regulatory, and risk management staff would prefer an increased use of technology for detection. This highlights the importance of addressing diverse priorities within the industry.

Which businesses will find the ACAMS Global AFC Threats Report useful?

Financial crime can impact any business, no matter its size or geographic location. This report should be of interest to all organizations, in particular:

  • Financial institutions
  • Technology firms
  • Law enforcement
  • Financial supervisors
  • Corporations
  • Governments
  • NGOs

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