Jun ’24 – Aug ’24

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Issue: Vol. 23 No. 3


From the Editor

“Partners in Crime”

Many of us have our go-to person with whom we enjoy spending time or who we can call out of the blue and are always willing to accompany us whether we are planning some adventure, or merely want to go try a new restaurant. In the colloquial sense, these types of people can be referred to as our “partners in crime.”

Inside this Edition

The Economics of Sushi and Fentanyl

Sushi is now available everywhere, from grocery stores to high-end gourmet restaurants. Not long ago, it was only found in specialty restaurants. What is less known about sushi’s rise in popularity is that spicy green condiment―often part of the recipe and commonly referred to as wasabi―which is actually fake.

CSAM and the Role of Cryptocurrency

Online platforms using cryptocurrency as a method of payment to purchase child sexual abuse (CSAM) material have almost doubled every year since 2015, according to the Internet Watch Foundation.

Bank Looters

The weather has started to change, and we are seeing the first hints of fall―rain, wind, political ads and corruption. Chicago is known as the “windy city,” and it is well known that the nickname was originally bestowed upon the city not because of the weather but because of the “windy” (corrupt) politicians.

How BOI Reporting Aids Law Enforcement Investigations

The involvement of corporations in fraudulent activities and financial crimes for their own benefit or for the benefit of an external party is not a new phenomenon. Some of the most common types of fraud and financial crimes in which corporations take part include money laundering, bribery, embezzlement, market manipulation, tax evasion and corruption, among others.