Mar ’08 – Apr ’08 Issue

Issue 7.2

Issue: Vol. 7 No. 2

Inside this Edition
  • From the editor
  • CAMS graduates
  • Member Spotlight
  • A message from the Executive Director
  • Dan Soto, CAMS: Facing the unknown through networking
  • The 3 keys to compliance training Corruption in high places
  • How to close risky accounts
  • Global anti-money laundering compliance
  • Money laundering and the branch manager
  • Home grown risk: Is your financial institution a growing field?
  • Willful blindness: A dangerous road for accountants and attorneys
  • Anti-corruption foes intensify focus on bank compliance
  • Creating, evaluating and using a high-risk country list
  • Establishing a sound OFAC program
  • Applying statistics to anti-money laundering monitoring
  • Operation Dragon
  • Understanding OFAC compliance
  • Branding money changers as an anti-money laundering tool
  • Potential money laundering through pawnshops in Indonesia
  • Credit problems may catalyze needed anti-money laundering change
  • Know Your Chapter
  • Just ask Jim
  • Events calendar
  • Web seminars
  • Registration form