Jun ’09 – Aug ’09 Issue

Issue 8.3

Issue: Vol. 8 No. 3

Inside this Edition
  • From the editor
  • CAMS graduates
  • Member spotlight
  • A message from the Executive Director
  • Hedge Fund Transparency Act overview
  • Trade-based money laundering | A case study
  • Not for profit: money laundering?
  • Networks and blacklists part 2: Regulating stored value cards
  • Profit in wilderness: Proving compliance isn’t a cost center
  • Expect the unexpected: Limitations of standard deviation analysis
  • Anti-money laundering’s role in U.S. tax compliance
  • Implementation of the Third European AML Directive | Remaining challenges
  • Achieving the right balance | Optimizing AML compliance
  • How to effectively implement a risk-based approach in the casino gaming sector
  • Good AML management system
  • Going live! Final stages of the implementation process
  • Importance of data collection for a look-back
  • Social security number recommendation released
  • The First Pan African Anti-Money Laundering Conference
  • Money Services Businesses: The new regulatory regime
  • Know Your Chapter
  • Events calendar
  • Web seminars