Martin Dilly, CAMS-Audit—Auckland, New Zealand

Martin Dilly

Martin Dilly, CAMS-Audit, is currently a director of AML Solutions, New Zealand’s leading specialist anti-money laundering/combating financial terrorism (AML/CFT) consultancy. Dilly has consulted full time as an AML/CFT specialist since June 2012. In that time, he has assisted a wide range of entities including registered banks (both local and foreign), large insurance companies, money services businesses (MSBs), fund managers and credit card providers. He has also recently advised New Zealand’s first licensed peer-to-peer lender.

Prior to working as a consultant, Dilly held senior legal and compliance roles at ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (New Zealand branch) as associate director legal and compliance. More recently Dilly worked with Heartland Building Society, then New Zealand’s largest non-bank deposit taker, as the head of compliance.

Dilly has been CAMS certified since June 2012. In addition, in April 2014, he was awarded the CAMS-Audit advanced certification. He is the first person in Australasia to have received this certification. Dilly also holds degrees in law (LLB) and commerce (BCom) from the University of Auckland.

Dilly recently presented at the joint New Zealand Police/ACAMS AML/CFT Conference on preparing for independent AML/CFT audits and supervisory visits.