Understanding the Rise of DeFi and “DeCrime,” With Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson

In this episode, Kieran Beer talks with Dr. Tom Robinson, chief scientist and founder of Elliptic, a blockchain forensics company, about the phenomenal growth of decentralized finance, or DeFi. Offering the promise of a wide array of financial services on an inexpensive and inclusive basis, DeFi also presents a significant fraud and money laundering threat, Robinson says. Drawing on Elliptic’s recently released report, “DeFi: Risk, Regulation and the Rise of DeCrime,” which he co-wrote. Robinson covers the need for legislation and greater regulatory oversight to stem fraud and money laundering as well as ways in which blockchain forensics are being used to track illicit funds on DeFi platforms.

“I think it is reasonable to describe this as the “Wild West” in that there are fortunes to be made here and fortunes to be lost and that’s happening every day,” says Robinson.

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