Where Has Your ACAMS Today Been? Berlin, Cancun and Puerto Rico

ACAMS Today  has gone international! In 2019, the ACAMS Today team launched
two inaugural issues: ACAMS Today Europe and ACAMS Today Español. ACAMS
Today Europe
made its debut at the ACAMS 15th Annual AML & Anti-Financial Crime
  and ACAMS Today Español  made its debut at the 13a Conferencia Anual
nbsp; ALD y Delitos Financieros de ACAMS.

Has your ACAMS Today  accompanied you on a business trip, an
adventure or vacation spot? If so, we
would like to hear from you. To submit an image, go to ACAMSToday.org or email editor@acams.org. We
will be featuring these images in
subsequent issues of ACAMS Today and on Twitter @acamstoday.

Contributor Claudiu-Nicolae Sonda proudly
displays his article from the inaugural ACAMS
Today Europe

Alexandre Pinot, ACAMS Today Europe
cover article contributor, and Vytautas
Danta are spotted with the ACAMS Today
Europe at the Berlin conference.

ACAMS board member and ACAMS Today
contributor Marilú Jimenez presents
ACAMS Today Español during a Puerto Rico
Chapter meeting.

Grupo Nacional Provincial poses with ACAMS
Today Español
at the 13a Conferencia Anual
Latinoamericana ALD y Delitos Financieros de

Cancun conference attendees Rosita
Karen Salazar Vaca and Ymelda Nathaly
Rios Heredia snag a quick picture with the
ACAMS Today Español.

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