2020 ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter Professional of the Year

In 2019, the ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter sought new ways to recognize individuals in its community and created the Professional of the Year Award. Chapter members were given the opportunity to nominate individuals that performed above and beyond in the anti-money laundering (AML) community. This award is a way to give back to the local community and show appreciation for the hard work of these individuals. For more details on the nomination process, click here.

The 2020 Professional of the Year

The nomination process yielded several spectacular nominees for the award. Based on the nominations, it was difficult to choose just one candidate as all were truly going above and beyond, but there could only be one winner. The second ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter Professional of the Year Award winner was Marina Berhosky from PNC Bank.

About Marina Berhosky

Marina Berhosky has a master’s degree in banking and finance from Yugra State University. Berhosky began her professional career in 2014 as a teller at PNC Bank. In 2015, she began her fraud/AML journey by handling debit card signature fraud and nonfraud disputes. In 2018, Berhosky transitioned to AML surveillance as a lead analyst. During her time in this position, she exceeded expectations and became a mentor to peers. In 2019, Berhosky transitioned from lead analyst to detection and investigation associate. Within this position, she quickly used her knowledge to become a leader within the department. Berhosky was picked to work on several internal initiatives, becoming a go-to individual and contributing to the department’s success.

What Berhosky’s Peers at PNC Said About Her

“Thank you, Marina, for the time you have dedicated to the AML department throughout the years from analyst to investigator. It has always been a joy interacting with you in different aspects of the job!”

Jessica Opyrchal

“I always appreciate the help you have afforded me to acclimate to PNC culture and procedures. Congratulations, once again you deserve it.”

Dennis Barton

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Marina as she is a great asset to PNC AML Investigations. This accommodation is truly well deserved!”

Adam Huzyak

“Within Marina’s short time as an investigator at PNC’s AML operations, she made a big impact in the department! Marina has a positive attitude and is always willing to help out her fellow team members! She has quickly grown as an investigator and is someone management can rely on to work a complex case or one with a short deadline. We are lucky to have Marina on our team!”

Amanda Duffy

“I would like to thank Marina for helping me with cases when I had questions and providing clarity and feedback on opportunities for improvement.”

Rodney Poteat

“I would like to thank Marina for always helping me when I have questions and being a great teammate.”

Erin Lapaglia

“We are proud to have Marina on our PNC team and it is always a pleasure working with her. She is a dedicated investigator who is willing to assist others and her commitment to professional growth and development is inspiring, as evidenced by her recent accomplishments.”

Donald Hallowell

“When I first met Marina back in 2015, she stood out as someone with ambition to take on additional responsibilities and never stop learning. She always reads articles to understand the most recent fraudulent trends and has pushed herself to earn several certifications. Marina is not afraid to challenge herself by stepping outside of her comfort zone if it will help with her development. She shows up to work each day with a positive attitude and is always engaging with her peers and leadership team. She looks for new and better ways to process her work and shares this information and techniques with her team to add to their performance and effectiveness. Marina is a great asset to PNC Bank and there is not anyone I know that is more deserving of this award!”

Ryan Hudock

“When I first met Marina, I realized that she was someone special who, given the opportunity, would not only excel in, but would be a great asset to our AML program. Marina’s excitement within her role as an AML analyst and now AML investigator, as well as her constant positive attitude, is not that easily found. She is the ultimate professional with a “can do” attitude who never stops expanding her knowledge, sharing her expertise as a mentor or lending a friendly ear. Congratulations Marina, on your well-deserved honor!”

Virginia Hendrick

The Future Professional of the Year

The ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter’s board found this initiative to be effective in giving back to all the hardworking individuals within their community. The chapter hopes to continue this tradition in 2021 and cannot wait to receive another set of spectacular nominations.

Starting January 2021, the ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter will open nominations for the 2021 ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter Professional of the Year Award. If readers know an individual that goes above and beyond to help fight money laundering, consider nominating that individual for this prestigious award.

About the ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter

The ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter was founded in September 2017. The chapter’s mission remains consistent with the international ACAMS mission, which is “to advance the professional knowledge, skills and experience of those dedicated to the prevention, detection and reporting of international money laundering.” To achieve this mission, the chapter’s board of directors is comprised of professionals from financial institutions, public and private sector industry experts, and law enforcement who have years of experience in the AML and counter-terrorist financing fields. The chapter aims to provide its region—encompassing western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and southeastern Ohio—a platform for career development and professional networking. By joining the chapter, members will have access to chapter events aimed to bring the ever-growing community together to discuss the rapidly expanding AML field.

The chapter’s events would not have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of our sponsors PNC Bank, WesBanco and Thomson Reuters. The chapter would like to thank them for their continued support moving forward.

For a more in-depth overview of chapter events and membership details, as well as information about upcoming events, please visit ACAMS Pittsburgh Chapter, LinkedIn and Twitter. Questions for the chapter can be sent via email to pghacams@gmail.com.

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