Announcing the New ACAMS Germany Chapter

The ACAMS Germany Chapter was founded on June 26, 2015, at the offices of UBS in Frankfurt. The chapter brings together a team of anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime and compliance professionals from global banking and insurance institutions, money services businesses (MSBs) and development banks as well as AML, forensic and risk management experts.

At the first meeting, ACAMS Germany Chapter co-chairs, Alexander Bogensperger and Holger Pauco-Dirscherl, together with fellow chapter board members Biljana Bojcheva, Tobias Dada, Tarik Eker, Eray Fedai, Irina Federschmid and Jennifer Hanley-Giersch, signed the founding documents and posed for a celebratory photograph.

The primary aim of the ACAMS Germany Chapter is to add value to ACAMS members in Germany by providing a peer networking and educational forum for the furthering of best practices in AML and financial crime prevention and detection in Germany. The ACAMS Germany Chapter will also invite and welcome the active participation of non-member money laundering reporting officers (MLROs), AML and financial crime professionals throughout Germany beyond the immediate ACAMS member network, and will develop links with other complementary professional organizations and associations in the region.

In Germany, companies trading in goods and financial institutions are both subject to AML legislation and obliged to implement processes and procedures to combat money laundering. Therefore, the ACAMS Germany Chapter's remit will extend well beyond financial institutions into the commercial sector. We believe that the knowledge exchange across sectors and industries will add value to the ACAMS Germany Chapter network.

Furthermore, the ACAMS Germany Chapter will be running quarterly peer-to-peer education and networking events with an AML focus and will welcome enquiries from potential speakers, trainers and sponsors. Chapter events will take place in German and English.

The ACAMS Germany Chapter plans to officially launch with a kick-off event in November 2015—the exact date and location will be announced in the ACAMS Connection and on our chapter website, which can be viewed under the following link:

You can reach out to us at

Contributed by: the Germany Chapter advisory board

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