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Why does the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) instruct assessors not to make an overall assessment for each country when organizations like Transparency International and other corruption-indexing organizations rank country's performance?


Great question. Only FATF knows. My guess is that it may have to do with “single number” rankings often too simplistic for practical risk assessment purpose. It can mask a nuanced understanding if, for example, two countries have the same overall rank, but an important measure for some risk purposes may be lower, or higher, in one country than another. That is valid.

Personally, I do not favor simple rankings (even those I developed for the ACAMS Today  article, Anti-Money Laundering Effectiveness Rankings: Ranking Countries and Outcomes) without great care in their use, particularly whilst the 11 FATF “outcome” measures do not yet fully reflect outcome measures. As I noted in the peer-reviewed Journal of Financial Crime  and Journal of Money Laundering  Control articles, this is no criticism of FATF. In few other realms have such bodies moved toward effectiveness/outcomes. They are not, however, quite yet the “outcome” measures that might help reflect, unlock, and potentially help achieve better outcomes.

Ronald Pol

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