Banks Against Human Trafficking Event

On December 7, 2017, the ACAMS Middle Tennessee Chapter hosted an event titled “Banks Against Human Trafficking.” During the event, the Chapter welcomed two speakers to discuss human trafficking. Jill Rutter, director of community outreach for End Slavery Tennessee, shared the impact of human trafficking in Nashville and how we can identify signs and safely report suspicious behaviors and trends. Joann Alicea, CFCI, senior compliance officer at JPMorgan Chase, shared the banking powers in place and congressional efforts in the works to help fight this epidemic nationally. Alicea is renowned for her tireless nationwide campaigning to have the suspicious activity report form revised to include human trafficking and human smuggling. As Rutter and the team at End Slavery Tennessee continue to fight human trafficking locally throughout the state, Alicea's meticulous campaigning seems to have finally paid off! It is anticipated that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network will release a revised SAR form sometime this year to include a checkbox for human trafficking/smuggling.

Join us at future chapter events for more thrilling and enlightening financial crime discussions!

The ACAMS Middle Tennessee Chapter

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