Congratulations, Anne Marie Lacourse!

Anne Marie Lacourse

The AFC Professional of the Month for September was awarded to Anne Marie Lacourse for her extensive experience in compliance. Lacourse is an expert practitioner currently with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance team, working as a senior consultant for Global Trade Risk & Compliance. She has 25 years of demonstrated experience helping over 2,000 companies embed international trade compliance into their global supply chains and commercial operations. Lacourse has developed, implemented and managed cross-border trade platforms to support multijurisdictional import and export regulations. In addition, she has managed three-quarters of a million classifications across nearly a billion shipments on every continent, including Antarctica. Lacourse’s extensive technical and practical knowledge across diverse regulatory schemes has been instrumental in completing nearly 1,000 assessments and audits. Lacourse has been key in the development of industry-leading commodity-based transaction signals for red flag identification and shipment diversion detection.

In addition, Lacourse was a crucial member of the team that developed the first commercially available global trade management (GTM) platform at Vastera, technology that was later acquired by JPMorgan Chase. Lacourse utilized this technology in day-to-day operations powering anti-money laundering/trade-based money laundering (TBML) compliance for the bank’s international trade finance business. She has served as a U.S. State Department International Traffic in Arms Empowered Official. Lacourse is a member of the ACAMS Today editorial committee and a contributing author on topics such as TBML and managing global import and export controls for ACAMS Today and other publications. She speaks extensively at conferences on the mechanics of using transactional import and export data to signal TBML risk.

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