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PEP Family Members


Can anyone please clarify the exact persons or family members covered under a politically exposed person (PEP)? For example, if a stepfather/mother is a PEP, should their son/daughter also be considered a PEP?


The following is the extract of Fourth AML Directive:

Family members' include the following:

(a) The spouse, or a person considered to be equivalent to a spouse, of a politically exposed person;

(b) The children and their spouses, or persons considered to be equivalent to a spouse, of a politically exposed person;

(c) The parents of a politically exposed person;

(11) 'Persons known to be close associates' means:

(a) Natural persons who are known to have joint beneficial ownership of legal entities or legal arrangements, or any other close business relations, with a politically exposed person;

(b) Natural persons who have sole beneficial ownership of a legal entity or legal arrangement, which is known to have been set up for the de facto benefit of a politically exposed person.

Moazzam Tariq, CAMS

*The question and answers found in this document are excerpts taken from the ACAMS Study 6th Edition – Group – Starting from 18 June 2017 Forum. Visit ACAMS forums to read more posts.

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